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Aug 18, 2013 Subway Surfers is the most popular played Android and iOS game at the moment
. The gameplay is good, similar to the popular game Temple 

Subway Surfers Hacks, Unlimited Coins And Keys

Subway Surfers is the most popular played Android and iOS game at the moment. The gameplay is good, similar to the popular game Temple Run, you have to run your avatar and keep it running and collect coins, bonuses, and mystery boxes which give you keys and other alike rewards. While running you need to stay away from the Ticket Inspector and protect yourself from the fast coming trains, Once you collide with a train and get slow the inspector will catch you and if you collide with a train completely your avatar will die and the game will be over.

Subway Surfers was very well received by the users and is now one of the most played games on Android and iOS. The themes in the game keep changing based on a world tour after a specific interval of time and the avatar visits different countries.

1. Subway Surfers World Tour New York – January 2013:

Subway-Surfers-Newyork-TechbeastsSubway Surfers Newyork – TechbeastsThe very first country for the Subway Surfers as a part of the world tour, the first installment was thrown to the players on 5th of January, 2013 and was a free upgrade. The new character introduced in the New York tour was ”Tony” and was worth 95,000 coins. It also included a Limited Edition Liberty Board coasted at 50,000 coins.

Subway Surfers World Tour Rio – February 2013:

Subway Surfers Rio - TechbeastsSubway Surfers was revamped and the players had a chance to enjoy the game in the sunny city Rio. This update also included new power ups and other special limited time features. Two new characters Carmen and Samba were introduced in this part.

Subway Surfers World Tour Rome – March 2013:

Subway Surfers Rome - Techbeasts

This time the players had a chance to run on the roads of Rome. The game was revamped and the new features introduced included was an Egg Hunt event, where the players were prompted to collect 100s of eggs and earn unique prizes in return.

Subway Surfers World Tour Sydney – April 2013:

Subway Surfers Rome Sydney - 2013

The Sydney Tour update was one of the biggest and best updates made to the Subway Surfers ever. This time the developers introduced the features like 2x Multiplier, Guitar, Yunami, Shoes to bounce over the trains and a Magnet to attract the coins. This helped the players to enjoy the game in a total different and new way. The game became much more popular after the Sydney Tour update.

Subway Surfers World Tour Tokyo – May 2013:

Subway Surfers Tokyo - Techbeasts

With tour to Japan, charming Harumi, a new character was introduced in this update. Players were also offered weekly prizes in this update in the Weekly Tokyo Hunt event.

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami – June 2013:

Subway Surfers Miami - TEchbeasts

Subway Surfers Miami tour was introduced in June, 2013 after the Subway Surfers Tokyo. This update changed the game environment into the roads of Miami and a new character was introduced here as well.

Subway Surfers World Tour Paris – July 2013:

Subway Surfers Paris - Techbeasts

With another new character introduced, the players were ready to roam on the streets of Paris. This update brought all the environment of Paris in a game screen.

Subway Surfers World Tour Beijing – August 2013:

Subway Surfers Beijing 2013

Beijing Tour is currently going on. This tour prompts the players to explore the magical China with gymnastic Sun, Reach the roofs and investigate the statures with the astounding new Power Jumper, Personalize Fresh with the cool new Sport Outfit and Funk Outfit,Find the concealed mythical beasts along the Subway tracks and open week by week prizes

Subway Surfers World Tour Moscow – September 2013:Screenshot_3

The popular and widely played Android arcade and action game by Kiloo – Subway Surfers has been recently updated and visits Moscow now as a part of the world tour. Dancing Alex has joined the Subway Surfers for a limited time, new dresses for Lucy have been introduced.

Subway Surfers World Tour New Orleans – October 2013:


Subway Surfers are now in New Orleans and its time to celebrate Halloween in Subway Surfers. New outfits with cool Halloween skateboards. All new stuff comes with this update.

Subway Surfers London - November, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 18.21.24

Subway surfers is back with another awesome update this time surfers are running in London. This time Subway Surfers are celebrating Holiday winters in London with new characters , boards and new gifts. Techbeasts team is providing you the Subway Surfers London Hack with unlimited coins and keys.

Basically the game prompts the players to run and collect coins and make score to unlock higher upgrades, but if you find it hard, you may not need to worry at all as we are going to tell you how you can get unlimited coins and keys in the Passed & Currently ongoing Tours of Subway Surfers for Android.

How To Install It:

      1. First of all you need to delete / uninstall any previously installed version of Subway Surfers.
      2. Download the your desired tour’s apk file, links are  attached below. If you are downloading it on your computer, you’ll need to put the downloaded apk file on your phone’s storage, or else download it straightly to your phone.
      3. apk stands for Application Package File and contains the setup of your desired app.
      4. Open the download apk file and install it. Phewww.. You are done and you have Subway Surfers now with Unlimited Coins & Keys.
      5. If you wish to restore your previous stats, you’ll simply need to login into your Facebook account.
      6. You can uninstall the game and install any other version of the game in the same way.

Please note that these are not the patched files, these are complete games and modified for unlimited coins and keys


Download link :
Extract it before putting on the phone, or do it on the phone.

- Friend Runs:
An easy way youu can earn extra coins is to have your friends run. For each 50 friend runs you will earn a coin bag which will contain valuable coins.

- Power-Ups:
The following list are the power-ups you can collect during gameplay and their effect. ALL of these power-ups only last a limited time so make sure you take advantage of them while they are active.

- Jetpack:
Allows you to fly over ALL of the trains and collect a trail of coins along the way.

- Super Sneakers:
These will make your character run faster than normal, and will pick up any coins under them.

- Coin Magnet:
This will collect ALL of the coins in the vicinity around you.

- 2X Multiplier:
This will double your score while it is active.

999999000 Coins
999999000 Hoverboard
999999000 Headstart
999999000 Mega Headstart

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