Subway Surfer


Subway Surfer

The object of the game is to run one’s hooligan character as far as possible through an endless game world by avoiding randomly generated obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards) and/or dodge the oncoming trains (slide finger laterally) in a precise manner with the help of occasional power-ups. Gameplay takes place in graphical 3-D perspective. Player characters collect coins as they run; occasionally they surf on hoverboards, jump over or roll under objects, soar over the train tracks, and even run along overhead wires. Special missions reward players with bonuses for accomplishing precise tasks. Upon a wipeout, characters occasionally appear to smash into the screen.

Since January 2013 the game’s monthly update features a new city as a setting. The differences are mainly graphic, as the gameplay remains much the same.

Game Release History

 Halloween special (November 2012)




Christmas Special (December 2012)


  World Tour: New York City (January 2013)


 World Tour: Rio de Janeiro (February 2013)


 World Tour: Rome (March 2013)


 World Tour: Sydney (April 2013)


  World Tour: Tokyo (May 2013)


 World Tour: Miami (June 2013)


 World Tour: Paris (July 2013)


  World Tour: Beijing (August 2013)


 World Tour: Moscow (September 2013)


 World Tour: New Orleans: Halloween Special (October 2013)


World Tour: London: Christmas Special (November 2013)


As with many free tablet/mobile games, Subway Surfers is “optionally free by default”. Players can advance unhindered in the game without making online payments of real money. Online purchases enable interested users to customize the experience more easily and build reserves of virtual currency. Two forms of virtual currency are used for in-game purchases: gold coins (abundant) and blue keys (scarce).


My next High Score is 8,692,9771 (i have beaten it, will upload video soon)

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